Fri, 1-2 PMRegistration - Main Lobby 
Fri, 2-2:20 PMOpening Session - Come as You Are... Leave Inspired, Equipped & Connected. Worship.
Felice Gerwitz and Marnie Swedberg AuditoriumBe inspired by Felice's story of a God-directed ministry, including the miracle story of a huge "no" followed by a huge "yes," as she submitted herself to God. And listen as Marnie tells us her secret networking tips!
Fri, 2:30-3 PMOpening Session - Speed Networking
Marnie Swedberg AuditoriumMarnie will share the most powerful way to meet and remember/be remembered by potential friends, partners & collaborators, preparing you for a relationship-rich weekend and future. Bring business cards and/or one sheets to share.
Fri, 3-4 PMDefine & Attract Your Ideal Customer
Cindy RushtonHow to define, attract, and reach your ideal customer, how to clearly define your culture and practical ways to build a thriving community of ideal customers that reflect your culture.
Friday, 3-4 PMEnlarge the Site of Your Tent: Blogging to Build Your Reach
Jimmie Quick Room #After an explanation of the benefits of blogging and of the anatomy of a perfect blog post, you will create an editorial calendar for your own blog (whether you have one already or not). You will leave this workshop with an outline of blog post ideas for a full year—and know how to format them for maximum benefit.
Friday, 3-4 PM Prepare Your Heart to Run A Business
Meredith Curtis Room #Communicating involves so much more than mere words. During this session you'l learn how to seek God’s will and plan; apply Biblical principles; get your spouse on your team; prep your family as your support system; discover your brand; and prepare to work very hard.
Friday, 4-6 PM Supper Break & Time for Networking
There are over 40 restaurants located within 1 mile. Find a group, go out to eat, and get to know each other!
Fri, 5:45-6 PM
Powerline Worship Team
Praise and Worship Kick off Evening Session
Fri, 6-7 PMKeynote: Maximize Your Time & Talents for Eternity
Marnie Swedberg AuditoriumDiscover how, as a Christian Communicators, to tap into God's continual flow of brilliance, do everything with eternity in mind, and produce long after others have run out of content, motivation or love.
Friday, 7-8 PMPanel Discussion with Expert Presenters
AuditoriumWe know you have specific questions and concerns. We want to make sure these are addressed as early as possible in the weekend, so your mind is freed to absorb all the other principles, tips and strategies God has in store for you.
Fri, 8-8:30 PM
Powerline Worship Team
Praise and Worship Kick off Evening Session
Fri, 8:30-9 PMSmall Group Prayer with the Presenters
AuditoriumSatan scoffs at plans laid without prayer. Stay for corporate prayer followed by small group prayer led by presenters or worship team members. Prayer is where the real victories are won.
Sat, 8:45-9 AM
Powerline Worship Team
Praise and Worship Kick off Evening Session
Sat, 9-9:50 AMHumor: How to Energize Any Audience, Engagement or Moment
Tina Levene AuditoriumLearn how to spot and add improv opportunities to any communication. Enjoy a 4-minute stand-up routine by Christian comedian, and co-founder of Healing Laughter Ministries, Tina Levene, and discover her Cartwheel Comedy Strategy (does not involve gymnastics). And, be sure to bring your funny, short-stories and jokes for customized, random-draw, coaching from Tina.
Sat, 9-9:50 AMDo Not Hold Back: Using Digital Marketing for Your Ministry
Jimmie Quick AuditoriumMarketing is not a bad word, so the first step in this session is to shed any misgivings about being a pushy salesperson. Instead, you will realize that marketing is a necessary facet of your larger calling, identify the key elements of digital marketing (that will transform your limited energy, time, and budget), and move into highest impact options for you.
Sat, 10-10:50 AMExplode Your Audience with Targeted Topics, Titles & 30 Word Wonders
Marnie Swedberg Room #Learn how to consistently and easily deliver exactly what audiences, hosts, editors and potential collaborators want, no matter what your project or genre.
Sat, 10-10:50 AMGod's Wisdom for Managing Your Business: Run Your Business God's Way
Meredith Curtis Room #Discover the "sweet spot" where supply and demand meet; the law of excellence; how to seek first God's kingdom, and the principles of stewardship, integrity, and service.
Sat, 10-10:50 AMPodcasting: A Platform for Selling
Felice Gerwitz AuditoriumBe a guest, a host or both! Podcasts provide unique selling opportunities as you book the interviews you want and/or host guests who build your audience. This session explains who to identify and understand what motivates each audience, direct your content toward listeners, and powerfully "soft sell" for best results.
Sat, 12:45-1 PM
Powerline Worship Team
Praise and Worship Kick off Afternoon Session
Sat, 1-1:50 PMFeasibility Study or Inside the Mind of a Publisher
Felice Gerwitz Room #Learn how to be irresistable! Get a clear idea of what publishers look for, what steps are critical, and exactly how to rise above the crowd. Plus, enter the drawing for a FREE Publisher's Feedback on a one-page pitch for publishing (to be submitted by email after the conference). Open to class attendees only.
Sat, 1-1:50 PMDrive Your Stakes Deep: Leveraging the Power of Email Marketing
Jimmie Quick Room #Learn why email is unique among all other avenues of marketing, consistently bringing the highest return on investment. In this session, you will gain a clear vision for how to build and nurture your list, and move beyond your list to minister to more people with your message. You will also outline your first autoresponder email series—a timesaving trick that works especially well for people who don’t have time to write emails every week.
Sat, 1-1:50 PMRun Your Business Debt-Free
Meredith Curtis Room #During this hour Meredith shares seven keys to enjoying the freedom of living and running a business debt free. You'll be exposed to how the economic cycle relates to you and exactly what you can do to build your business/ministry on a firm financial foundation.
Sat, 2-2:50 PMBuilding a Productive, Prolific, Profitable & Very Successful Business
Cindy RushtonTaking your idea and building a business that is a glory to God. Real actionable advice with your goals in mind.
Sat, 2-2:50 PMMarketing in the Minutes You Have
Marnie Swedberg Room #During this interactive, hands-on experience, featuring Marnie's Publicity Personality Test, you'll create your own publicity plan based on your personality, publicity goals, budget, and available time.
Sat, 2-2:50 PMGod Led Ideas - Discerning & Deciding
Felice Gerwitz Room #Finally! The preparation is done and now it's time to market. Praise You, Jesus! But, unless you realize the best marketing happens months before your product is completed, all that work is jeopardized. Learn the steps for a successful launch, what needs to happen when, and how to set up a team of people who can help you achieve success.
Sat, 3-3:50 PMPodcasting Secrets
Felice Gerwitz Room #Podcasts are cropping up every other day on blogs throughout cyberspace but very few have what it takes to attract listeners and last for the long haul. Felice will share the top secrets that successful podcasters utilize. Felice is the owner of two podcast networks and a professional podcaster (since 2013) who consistently receives sponsorship dollars for her episodes.
Sat, 3-3:50 PMBomb-Proof Your Communication Skills
Tina Levene Room #You'll laugh, cry, and be so glad you attended this session, as Tina shares shockingly funny, real-life communication experiences to help you graciously flex to accommodate any speaking venue, time slot, or last-minute change requests from a planner. You’ll learn how to read your audience, handle confusing signals, and avoid embarrassing yourself, you host, your guests, or your audience.
Sat, 3-3:50 PMPitch Like a Pro: Practical Strategies & Tips
Marnie Swedberg Room #Success principles, best practices, plus pro-level feedback on your current marketing materials (if selected at random from the group). You will learn so much from understanding the "whys" behind the "whats". Bring any marketing materials you have.
Sat, 4-4:50 PMHow to Start Strong, Overcome Writer's Block & Prevent Burn Out
Tina Levene Room #It's about sustainability! Tina shares 6 ways to establish a burn-out prevention plan, overcome writer’s block, and recover from burn-out symptoms when they appear, all while staying motivated to accomplish more and encourage others.
Sat, 4-4:50 PMLevel Up
Cindy RushtonDream big, build it big, stepping into God’s big vision for you and your ministry/business, secrets for building it big, scaling your business/ministry to build the kingdom and reach the world for Christ.
Sat, 4-4:50 PMCoaching the Group: International Speaker Focus
Marnie Swedberg Room #Are you interested in taking your ministry worldwide? Join Marnie as she shares insights and practical strategies for going global. Note: This is a coaching session, so bring specific questions.
Sat, 5-6 PM Anything Goes Q&A with Presenters
All Presenters AuditoriumWe want to insure that your most pressing questions about writing, speaking, blogging and podcasting for Jesus have been addressed. This is your chance to ask any remaining questions, get clarifications, or ask personal questions of the presenters.